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Choosing a guitar and pickups
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Posted: November 14, 2016 3:53 PM

There does not seem to be a lot of advice about choosing a guitar or pickups for the Giz. It seem to me that there must be some thought on the subject.

What is the optimal scale length ? In conventional thinking shorter scale length is more forgiving sonically and less strenuous.

Pickups. there are all kinds of thought on pickups. For the Giz I would ask, If I play dry what would I use and if I use a lot of fx what would i use ? If emulating real strings what would I choose ? sings or hums ?

Another issue on my mind is where to mount the Giz on a guitar.
I recently got another guitar device that gave me the choice of cleanly mounting it over the bridge or mounting it so the actuators were adjacent to my picking "wear" spot. It was far less pretty but it put my elbow in a far more comfortable place. For many yearsI thought mu Giz is going. over my bridge. Now, I am kind of thinking that maybe I should mount it between the two pickups on my Ric 330 (for example :-) )

I think it would really help a lot if we all chimed in. Obviously, if it works for you or if you have tried and failed at something, it is really valuable to us all.
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Posted: November 21, 2016 8:59 AM
This is a very good question.

The best guitar for a Gizmotron is one with a 25.5" scale. This is because the Gizmotron wheels need to contact the strings around the 24.25" mark for the wheels to produce a smooth sound. If the wheels are located less than 24.25" away from the nut, the wheels will be choppy, especially on the higher frets of the higher strings. On something like a strat, the wheels can be located even further back, and the sound will be even smoother. This is why we recommend locating the wheels as close to the saddles as possible. Get as far back as you can.

For pickups, you can pretty much use anything, but humbuckers or noise-canceling single coils are recommended. A P90 pickup in the bridge position will likely pick up the hum of the Gizmotron motor. If you have a guitar with a P90, you want the Chrome Gizmotron, as it is metal and has superior motor noise shielding over the black or clear models.

If you are looking to emulate real strings, the best thing to do is treat the gizmo guitar like an acoustic and plug directly into a mixer. Guitar amps add far too much color and aren't capable of reproducing the full frequency spectrum that the Gizmotron wheels can produce.

Hope this helps.
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