• Question: Is the Gizmotron® 2.0 an electronic sustainer?

    No, not at all. The Gizmotron® 2.0 allows the player to attack and release a spinning wheel against each string by depressing its keys. You can attack and release multiple strings at once to produce chords, or you can attack and simply hold the wheels against the strings to produce endless notes or chords. Additionally, as the wheels spin against the strings, you can produce rich and varied harmonics by simply varying the key pressure. You can add vibrato, and the spinning wheels will track against the bending strings, or you can control the tone and swell by using the speed control.

  • Question: Will the Gizmotron® 2.0 fit my guitar/bass?

    The Gizmotron 2.0 has a universal mounting system that was designed to fit most electric guitars and basses. 

    The most suitable guitars for a Gizmotron 2.0 are longer-scale guitars (25.5 in [648 mm] aka "Fender® scale"). For the smoothest sound, you want the Gizmotron wheels to make contact with the strings at least 25" [635mm] away from the nut - even further is better. In other words, you want the Gizmotron wheels located as close to the saddles as possible. For that reason, we recommend the following bridges which allow good access to that area:

    Ideal bridges include: Traditional Stratocaster, Modern Telecaster, Wilkinson, Tune-O-Matic, Kahler, Roller. 

    Not ideal, but will work: Floyd Rose (The hex intonation screws may prevent the wheels from being located as close to the saddles as possible.)

    Not recommended: American vintage telecaster 3-saddle bridge (The intonation screws directly beneath the strings will interfere with the wheels.)

  • Question: Can I play the guitar normally with a Gizmotron 2.0 attached?

    Yes. You can pick, pluck or slap away at your guitar or bass with the Gizmotron 2.0 attached. In fact, you can even pick a string at the same time its being bowed!

  • Question: What is the difference between the guitar and bass Gizmotron® 2.0?

    The guitar unit has wheels suited for wound and unwound guitar strings, the bass unit has wheels suited for heavier gauge bass strings.

    The guitar unit has six (6) guitar-spaced keys, the bass unit has five (5) keys.

  • Question: Is there a difference between the Chrome, Black and Clear models?

    Yes. While the black and clear models are both made out of ABS, the chrome model is metal-plated. In addition to being a little more rigid, the metal plating of the Chrome unit acts as a noise shield. So if you have an instrument with noisy pickups (for example, P90's), the chrome unit will emit the lowest amount of hum. 

  • Question: How does the Gizmotron® 2.0 attach to my instrument?

    Our mounting system consists of three low-profile mounting tabs. These tabs affix to the guitar with damage-free removable tape. The Gizmotron® 2.0 locks onto these tabs and can be removed and re-installed quickly without having to remove the mounting tabs from the guitar.

  • Question: Is there a technique to playing the Gizmotron 2.0?

    Yes. The Gizmotron 2.0 requires a LIGHT TOUCH. The keys are very tactile and allow your fingertips to directly control the pressure of the wheels against the strings. If you play with a heavy hand and press the keys too hard, you will bend the spring arms. 

    Additionally, playing a Gizmotron 2.0 is similar to playing any other bowed instrument.. use vibrato to get the best sound.

  • Question: Are the wheels replaceable?

    Yes. Much like guitar strings, the wheels will wear, and they will produce a more mellow tone. The wheels are easily replaceable.

  • Question: Will the wheels on the Gizmotron 2.0 wear out my strings?

    No, not any more than a pick would wear out your strings. The wheels are soft and flexible. 

  • Question: How is the Gizmotron® 2.0 powered?

    The Gizmotron® 2.0 is powered by USB. A USB A Male to Mini 5 Pin B Male cable and an international AC adapter is supplied with every unit. The Gizmotron® 2.0 can also be powered from a rechargeable USB power pack (not supplied). USB power packs are typically available wherever mobile devices and accessories are sold.

  • Question: Does the Gizmotron® 2.0 produce noise?

    The Gizmotron® 2.0 contains a small motor running at extremely high speed (roughly 5,000 rpm). The Gizmotron 2.0 motor will present itself as a low-level hum in some guitars when using certain pickups. We recommend hum-cancelling pickups when using the Gizmotron® 2.0. 

  • Question: What is the warranty?

    Gizmotron® LLC will repair or replace (at its option) any defective component(s) of this product (excluding finish and wear and tear on components under normal use, such as adhesive tape, spring arms, wheels, and keys) for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. This warranty shall not apply if the product has been damaged due to abuse, misuse, misapplication, accident or as a result of modification.

  • Question: What is the return policy?

    We accept returns within 30 days of delivery and will provide a refund for the cost of the merchandise (Original packaging required, shipping fees are non-refundable).

  • Question: Where is the Gizmotron® 2.0 manufactured?

    Each unit is assembled, tested and shipped from our New Jersey headquarters in the United States. The Gizmotron® 2.0 contains both domestic and imported parts.

  • Question: Is Gizmotron® LLC affiliated with the original manufacturer of the Gizmotron?

    No. However, have the full support of Kevin Godley, co-inventor of the original Gizmotron. 

  • Question: Why didn’t the original Gizmotron work?

    Really, really bad engineering.