• Michael Molenda | Guitar Player
  • MICHAEL DREGNI  |  Vintage Guitar Magazine
  • Barry Cleveland | Electronic Musician



NAMM Best in Show - Best Add-On or Accessory

Summer 2018


Super awesome. I couldn’t imagine doing textured pads, spell-like harmony riffs, spooky drones, and slinky melody lines that skip strings without the Gizmotron 2.0. It truly turns a guitar into something magical.

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"All hail the Gizmotron 2.0, a revised and updated version of the classic.. it offers endless player input.. This is where one’s artistry comes in – you can control the attack, timbre, and sustain of each note or chord based on the nuance and touch-sensitivity of the levers. And the Speed control allows fine-tuning volume and tone on the fly."

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"High-tech aesthetics and superb workmanship...it is a unique device and in the right hands is capable of producing an abundance of compelling sounds—from choppy staccatos to languid legatos to marcato buzzing and beyond."

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The Gizmotron® 2.0 is a patented mechanical bowing device that attaches to electric guitar or bass, enabling players to produce string sounds such as cello, viola or violin. With the Gizmotron 2.0, you can create endless sustain, haunting drones or bow polyphonic chord arrangements. It is an effect that entices orchestral sounds from your instrument and unveils a new dimension of sonic enjoyment for players and listeners alike.