Introducing the Gizmotron® 2.0

Introducing the Gizmotron® 2.0

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Posted in Gizmotron® 2.0 on June 26, 2015

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Gizmotron LLC Introduces The Gizmotron® 2.0 For Electric Guitar and Bass

(Boonton, New Jersey) – Gizmotron® LLC announced plans today to release a re-engineered, updated sequel to a guitar effects device that has not been seen or heard since the early 1980’s; the legendary Gizmotron.

Invented over 40 years ago by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley of the rock group 10cc, the commercial version of the Gizmotron debuted at the NAMM trade show in 1979. Heralded as a device that would transform the electric guitar and bass and offer “a new realm of musical expression”, the original Gizmotron failed to live up to expectations. Suffering from a number of engineering and manufacturing failures, the original Gizmotron was rushed to market, and ultimately doomed for disaster. Shortly after its initial release, the company originally licensed to manufacture the original Gizmotron filed for bankruptcy, causing the device to shamefully disappear into obscurity.

In 2013, after spending nearly 10 years locating rare, original Gizmotrons, Aaron Kipness, owner and founder of Gizmotron LLC, began developing the Gizmotron 2.0. Aaron and his team of engineers analyzed, researched, and ultimately unlocked the secrets of the Gizmotron.

Mr. Kipness explains, “I first heard the Gizmotron when Jimmy Page used it on Led Zeppelin’s ‘In the Evening’, the sound of it haunted me, and I couldn’t understand why no one attempted to bring this amazing device back.”

Now, 35 years later, in the most epic resurrection in electric guitar history, the Gizmotron has returned. Completely re-engineered and re-designed from the ground up by a new team of engineers, the Gizmotron 2.0 is ready to make some beautiful music. Kevin Godley, co-inventor of the original Gizmotron, has graciously offered his encouragement and support to the project.

The patent-pending Gizmotron® 2.0 offers musicians the ability to mechanically bow one or more strings of a guitar or bass by pressings its keys. Each key brings a spinning wheel into contact with a string, creating a bowing sound similar to a cello, viola or violin. The result is a symphonic tone that is organic, warm and 100% real.

By applying varying degrees of pressure to its keys, The Gizmotron 2.0 allows for nuanced touch-sensitive playing. The mechanical nature of the device offers the player total control over the timbre, attack and sustain of each note or chord.

With the Gizmotron 2.0, you can create endless sustain, haunting drones or bow polyphonic chord arrangements. It is an effect that entices orchestral sounds from your instrument and unveils a new dimension of sonic enjoyment for players and listeners alike.

No instrument modifications, special pickups, midi interfaces, or mobile apps are required. The Gizmotron 2.0 operates entirely outside of the signal chain, and receives power through an ordinary USB port.

On July 9th through July 11th Gizmotron LLC will be demonstrating the prototype version of the Gizmotron 2.0 at the Summer NAMM 2015 trade show (Booth #1652) in Nashville, TN.

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Marc Bonilla posted on: July 27, 2015

I would trust that this will be made available in left-handed models. I would be using this in film and TV scores and the current project I'm doing with Keith Emerson and the BBC orchestra.

Arthur Banker posted on: September 8, 2015

I was with Gizmotron in 1979 as setup guy and tester. It was exciting and still is is when everything clicked and a pure string sound was created. Sadly the unit required meticulous fine tuning to get it to play that was beyond the average player. The wheels and linkage were difficult to get any consistscy out of and changed greatly with each brand of guitar. I look forward to seeing and trying the revamped product , when will it hit the stores? The potential of this product was never utilized in true musical form instead it was like a gimmick effect, but I played and fealt the energy when things were going right in the test studio it was intoxicating to play. I may be able to answer some questions about the unit feel free to give me a call.

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