New POWERWAVE Bass Gizmotron Wheels

New POWERWAVE Bass Gizmotron Wheels

By Gizmotron G (59 words)
Posted in Gizmotron® 2.0 on December 18, 2019

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NEW FOR 2020: Ultra-Life Power Wave Bass Gizmotron Wheels
The POWER WAVE Bass wheels have the following benefits over the existing SHARK TOOTH Bass Wheels:
  • Expanded Frequency Response - Improved detail and clarity in upper frequencies.
  • Smoother Operation - Eliminates the "bumpyness" present on the shark tooth wheels.
  • Easier adjustment - Wide gaps between wave-shaped teeth allow for larger margins when positioning keys.

Comments (1)

William Brohinsky posted on: January 24, 2020

So I have a Washburn Bantam 6-string. I play in a symphonic band. Is it possible to mount Gizmotron 2.0 for Bass so it allows bowing the bottom 5 strings? Would I be better off trying to fit the guitar version with bass wheels?, The spacing of the strings is not wider than a 5-string, if not quite as tight as the average electric guitar. I'll supplement with actual spacing when I get back to church where it lives.

Not being able to get any kind of continuous bass sound from it has made my bass work for the symphonic band marginal instead of fully acceptable. This is really important to me.

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